Online abstract submission is available here.
Abstract submission deadline extended until: October 10, 2017

Abstract instructions.

• abstract should be written in English
• abstract length: max 300 words
• please devide your abstract into 4 parts; objectives, methods, findings, conclusions
• the name of the author who will present the paper should be written in capital letters
• author and co-author's last name and initials of the first name should be written without titles
• please indicate author and co-author's name of institution, city, and country
• please write the author's e-mail address
• original abstracts will not be edited - linguistic accuracy is the responsibility of the author
• authors who's abstracts will be accepted for oral presentation will be able to present in Croatian or English language, but presentations have to be in English

E-Poster instructions.

• all posters will be displayed electronically (e-posters) on monitors.
• online e-poster uploading will be possible only after the Scientific Committee decides on accepted summaries, on which you will be promply informed
• each e-poster must be submitted online. Authors who have already submitted their abstract online must sign in to the system with their existing username and password. After signing up, click on "My Abstracts". For each signed summary, the "Upload" button will appear.
• each e-poster must be uploaded by the same person (user account) who has submitted the abstract in question
• e-posters must not contain any audio/video content or moving images

Saving e-poster in .jpg/.png format.

• dimension of e-poster have to be 1920x1080 pixels
• for visibility purposes, please do not use fonts smaller than 10pt.
• file size must be less than 20 MB.

Saving e-poster done in PowerPoint format (Save As .jpg / .png).

• e-poster must contain a single slide on which the full poster content is displayed.
• please use the fonts compatible with PC and Mac operating systems (Arial, Courier New, Georgia, Helvetica, Times, Times New Roman)
• please do not use fonts smaller than 10pt.
• file size must be less than 20 MB.
• e-posters must be made in a landscape format of 50.80 x 25.35 cm.
• only one e-poster is allowed for each abstract